EEC Analyzer

What is it?

EEC Analyzer (also refered to as EA) is a tool that can analyze data produced by most of todays common data loggers. See the supported data log formats below. EA can also log data and retrieve Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) with the ELM320 Scan Tool or ELM327 Scan Tool. These scan tools are OBDII interfaces that allows the EEC Analyzer to log and monitor live data. EA can produce datalogs in CSV format when using Either of these two ELM scan tools.

  • Moates Quarterhorse
  • TwEECer RT ver 1.3
  • TwEECer RT ver 1.2
  • EASE
  • SCT Raptor
  • SCT Xcal2
  • SnEEC
  • Excel (with the proper column name format)
  • CSV (with the proper column name format)


Screen Shots


 image      Cam Settings

image     Custom Graph

image     Airflow settings

image     Speed Calculations

image     Settings Screen

image     Log Playback

image     Injector Offset

image     OBDII Diagnostics

image     Load Mapping

image     MAF Curve

image     Load Scaling

image    Injector Pulsewidth

image     HP Estimator

image     Fuel Delivery

image     Diagnostic Codes

image     Drag Strip

image     Datalog screen