Binary Editor

What is it?

Here is a link that has a lot of videos explaining some of the hardware and software features. You Tube Help Videos

          Binary Editor is a software package that allows for editing of the Ford calibration data. There are multiple names given to the Engine Controller such as Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Electronic Engine Control (EEC) or Engine Control Module (ECM). Each type of engine controller has a strategy and a calibration associated with it. The strategy is the interface between the hardware and the calibration data. The strategy performs many calculations and decisions based on the calibration data and or raw input data such as Engine RPM. For example, the calibration data may have an idle setpoint defined at 672 RPM and the strategy controls things like the Idle Control Solenoid (ISC) and ignition timing in order to maintain an idle of 672 RPM. The strategy is not editable with Binary Editor but the calibration data is. Binary Editor uses definition files also known as strategy files to map out all of the calibration data.

            There are two types of Definition files that Binary Editor can use. There are open source files and there are non open source files. The Open Source definition files are saved in Excel. This makes editing the definitions file very user friendly The definition files that are NOT open source are either in an encrypted database format or an encrypted Excel format. You can look at the "Supported Vehicles" page on this web site to see what strategies files are supported. There is also a definition template that can be downloaded for those that would like create their own definition file. Binary Editor can also display differences between different calibrations (Ford Tunes).

          Binary Editor supports many different types of hardware:
1) Moates Quarterhorse 1.6 or greater
    - Can have multiple calibrations stored on it
    - Can datalog live data
    - Can perform live calibration changes

2) TwEECer RT
    - Can have multiple calibrations stored on it
    - Can datalog live data
    - Can perform live calibration changes

3) F3 Chip
    - Can have multiple calibrations stored on it

4) TI Performance Chip
    - Can have multiple calibrations stored on it

5) J2534 Compliant device such as the Drew Tech Mongoose.
    - Can read and write calibrations to the PCM
    - Can datalog Ford Enhanced live data
    - Can datalog Mode 1 SAE live data
    - Can perform output state control
    - Can perform Mode 6 Test ID
    - Can clear Diagnostic Data

          The package deals that are offered on the shopping page of this web site are designed to include everything you need to get started tuning your first vehicle. The only thing that is not included is a personel computer (PC). For example all packages will include ONE specific piece of Hardware (ie Moates Quarterhorse or Drew Tech Mongoose or TI chip and burner) to interfaces with the vehicles PCM. The package will also have a USB cable to connect to your PC. The package will also come with a dongle licensed version of the Binary Editor Software. Finally the package will come with at least one strategy to get you started with your first vehicle depending on the package selected.

It is NOT recommended nor is it safe to make changes while driving. 
If live tuning is going to be done make sure it is NOT the driver doing the changes.    

Logging external devices can be added to Binary Editor if the appropriate license is obtained. The following external devices are supported:

  • Innovate MTXL, LC2 and other innovated devices
  • Zietronix ZT2
  • AEM Serial wide band
  • PLX iMFD
  • Moates Supperlogger
  • DataQ DI1110 and DI1100
  • SLC Pure Plus


Screen Shots


image     Dashboard View

     Datalogging Parameters

     Function Editing

     Scalar Editing

image     Editing Tables